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We offer you premium liquid supplements all inspired by the nourishing and healing goodness of nature

Akuna was founded 20 years ago in Mississauga, Ontario and has since become a leading herbal supplement distributor, subsequently opening distribution offices in 17 countries spanning across 3 continents.

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Customer Reviews

  •  Elisa Misola 

    Elisa Misola 

    “This year I experienced a series of health issues: high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety and menopause symptoms. After a few weeks of drinking Alveo regularly in the morning and evening on an empty stomach, my sleep improved and my anxiety subsided. And at my doctor’s appointment, my doctor actually advised me to stop taking my blood pressure meds. Alveo has definitely helped to improve my overall health. Thanks Akuna.”
  • Olga Chalin

    Olga Chalin

    “My daughter was born with various allergies. She is allergic to dairy products, different kinds of nuts, fish and shellfish, dust and house pets. I began looking for a natural product that could help with her allergies and we tried many different natural and homeopathic remedies. I first heard about Alveo 6 years ago; my daughter was 4 years old at the time we started using it. We have been using Alveo regularly ever since; by “we” I mean the whole family. I have two daughters 10 and 8 and a 2-year-old son. All my kids love to drink it. They rarely get sick and when they do, then it only lasts a couple days. Some of my daughter’s allergies have even disappeared. She is now only allergic to nuts and red fish. She has not had an asthma attack in 4 years. We are so happy that we discovered Akuna products.”
  • Victor Misola

    Victor Misola

    “In my household, we all use Akuna products. Alveo and AkuCleanse really helped me when I was quitting smoking cigarettes. My mom and my wife praise Akuna products for everything from better sleep and improved mood to having more energy. I believe in Akuna products and recommend them to everyone.”
  •  Alena Belsky

    Alena Belsky

    “Alveo is my favourite herbal drink! I have been using it for years and I love it with passion. It makes my me feel awake, more energetic, and I believe it makes my compromised immune system stronger as I hardly get sick. I used to suffer from headaches quite often and since I have been using Alveo, they are 99% gone.  My kidney stones have disappeared and I believe that that too happened thanks to Alveo. Simply put, Alveo is an exceptional pure herbal product made in Canada and I highly recommend it to everyone.”
  •  Stan Sommer

    Stan Sommer

    “I have been using Alveo for the several years now. I find that it gives me more energy and a feeling of general well being when I take it regularly. My blood pressure is stable, I have fewer muscles aches and pains and less joint stiffness. I noticed that when I have travelled and not taken my Alveo with me, my body feels the difference right away and I experience more muscle stiffness and general tiredness.”
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