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Cogni Supreme

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Cognizin® Citicoline or the “brain nutrient” works by increasing the levels of several important neurotransmitters in the brain. These are responsible for regulating cognitive function by supporting healthy brain metabolism and aiding neural communication by protecting brain cells against free radical damage. The daily dose of Cogni Supreme contains 500 mg of Cognizin® Citicoline
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Unlike other supplements on the market of its kind, Cogni Supreme is a liquid. This makes the nutrients and ingredients in Cogni Supreme readily absorbable and more bioavailable. This premium liquid is packaged in glass bottles and labelled with full body shrink sleeves, in order to preserve the quality and provide a tamper-resistant seal on the product. It is caffeine and stimulant free, meaning that there are no side effects and there is no risk of physical addiction. What really sets it aside from the other products however, is the fact that each daily dose contains 500 mg of Cognizin® Citicoline also known as the “brain nutrient”. Other supplements with this active ingredient contain 250 mg or less. Cogni Supreme contains 500 mg per dose, a safe but more effective dosage offered at the same or lower price than its competitors.

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